fizzes and pops

October 20, 2008

What about the wisdom of the elders?  Isn’t that something we are supposed to have in order to guide us in tough times?  I think of the Native Americans (of course I can only think of them through the movies I have seen, the books I have read, and the few reservations or ghettos I have passed through in the Midwest), of the wisdom of the leader, the oldest man sitting by the fire, or in the tent puffing  a pipe with his fellow old men who interpret the law with memories of precedent, grand historical knowledge, the experience of the group literally is stored in their heads.  They are given the greatest respect from the tribe, as the fountain of experience and knowledge.  Our elders are put into what we can affably call ‘homes.’  Look at the current housing problem:  30% of the populace at risk of losing their houses are over the age of 50, in a mortgage that they can’t afford.* (NY Times 10/18)  It is not just that these people were greedy, it is also that they were pressured into finding the ‘American Dream’  a larger house followed by an even larger one, that their family had split and splintered so that the kids and grandkids were all also searching for their own individual said “dream.”  And that they were often disrespected by the mortgage agents as to the exact details of the fluctuations in the lending agreement.  All of these issues fly in the face of the functioning family unit of the Native American, but are core the non-native’s “American Dream.”  Maybe the wisdom got drained out somewhere, or maybe the wisdom is in the telling, and if there is no one to tell it to, no one to listen, it just sort of fizzes and pop’s out of our grandparents’ mouths in the middle of the night.  


a post

October 18, 2008

So what is the spectacle?  Its kind of like that moment when you think you’ve cut yourself with a really sharp kitchen knife, and you’re waiting to see if blood will appear or not.  We are all tied up in things we say, and this makes me uncomfortable to say anything with rational security and true confidence.  That is, there is subjective existence going on to the words that I put down, as well as a public, objective existence.  These words will have two existences, two origins, and address themselves to two audiences in search for agreement from both.  So, for example, when I say, with some level of conviction, that I think that people are absorbed in a spectacle of hyped stories in our political realm that hide or obfuscate what is in some way a ‘fairer’ version of the truth;  those words come from within me to without me.  They also address themselves to me as I form them, and to my experience as a filter as to whether or not they ring ‘true.’  My experience, privately, is that I feel overwhelmed by this feeling of watching and waiting for the blood to flow, of being subject to the ‘spectacle’ from the inside out.  

yo, i’m lame!

September 26, 2007

so its pretty self-serving to come up in here after being gone for like a month and a half, and just promote yourself… but i think its totally necessary to do it among friends.  so go to the following website, and currently (like october, i’m guessing), you’ll find an art piece by me up at the top.  total cool dude.

peace (in the middle east)


July 29, 2007

Well I’ll say this about the Fargo/Moorhead Area, they love them some theater. High School theater, that is. We’ve seen two productions, Suesical the Musical at the Moorhead High school last year, and Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Trollwood Summer Camp for dramatic arts last night. both puts tons of money into these shows, and the whole community comes out to support and see them. The result, a damn fine rendering (if a bit shaky at times) of current broadway trends up here in the mid north. the kids doing these shows must get a little nervous, with all the pressure, but then it must be great experience. the props and stage sets are really upscale in relation to the plays my high school put on.
Trollwood is actually a camp that attracts aspiring actors from all over the country, and the talent is darn good. The singers last night had what kelli called “American Idol” voices. and the show was outdoors, in a natural hillside Ampitheater-like setting. Helicoptors buzzed over head, and during our 20 minute intermission, we were asked to vacate the seating area to allow the spraying for mosquitos. And it worked! I didn’t get bit once, as I was dreading.
In the studio, I continue working on a clay bust of myself. a bit conceited perhaps. I am learning the slip cast method, wherein I may be able to reproduce the bust in a hollow porcelain shell. Its exciting.

July 26, 2007

last night as stuff was winding down, i couldn’t sleep, so i turned on C-span, and there was the democratic youtube cnn debate being broadcast. Excellent! i thought, a reason to stay up another hour and its a perfectly reasonable excuse – to stay up on politics.

I’ve come to the decision that Kucinich is good for somethings: reopening an investigation into 9-11, introducing resolution to Impeach Bush, (Conyers has said he will begin proceedings if only 3 more representatives sign on, come on people call your house members here); and you got a love a guy who is telling everyone to text PEACE in their mobile phones to their representatives… but he is just not presidential material. His words are too prepared, he’s too goofy, and i think his imagination is limited; talking about bringing the world together with peace, and all that.
I’m coming around a little to Barack. this guy has some charisma, and that youth can work to his benefit like he hasn’t been in DC too long to become a jerkweed politician yet. on the other hand, Joe Biden, who has been in DC forever, managed to seem invaluable with his experience. Biden is slick, he’s really got the angry for the common man thing down; its impressive when he lets loose on an issue like armor for the humvees.

Hillary’s best moment of the night? a southern youtuber asked her how she could deal with islamic countries that consider women as second class citizens, and she said, “I think as a woman, I am the best equipped to deal with these countries.” well that’s a paraphrase, and it was just awesome, though i can’t duplicate it here.

Bill Richardson continued to show intelligence, common sense, no big blunders. a real nice guy. I find him most believable, though some of his promises (to have troups out of Iraq in 6 months, with no residual servicemen left there) seem naive. Then there’s the Mike Gravel, I did some searching into interviews with him, and it turns out he isn’t always yelling at people. like a good conversation with wolf blitzer… I think he reacts to what he sees as manipulation, whether it is with the media, in the debates, and so on. yeah, he ‘tells it like it is’, but also, his passion for Actual change (not token change-ism mantras) is real stuff. He would be a good vice president, I think, because then he wouldn’t have to be the slick suave guy.

Chris Dodd, a good guy. Didn’t do anything special for me
i guess this is dumb political entry, but maybe something you can chew on and add to:::

July 20, 2007

hey if someone knows how to make comments automatic, so i don’t have to accept them before they show up, let me know. just another day here in moorhead. I don’t have time all day long on the computer, or i get in trouble. i’m supposed to be making work, the wife says. We’ve been making massive amounts of food on sundays and eating homemade lunches everyday to save money. this week it was oatmeal/walnut burgers (so good!), indian lentils and rice, empanada cassserole (?don’t ask me?), and some oriental cabbage salad. That’s in order from best to not so best.
anyway, its saturday, and the lentils were finally starting to lose their freshness today.
this will be just a quicky, as i’m busy, bitches. also: photos coming i promise.

aww sh*t, i feel the power coursing through my veins . . .

July 19, 2007

. . . now that I’ve come over to the dark side, it is stronger, greater, more powerful than any blog I have ever known! I feel invincible, like I can do anything. well I can post photos, and make you even spend more time responding to me. like i can’t already do that on facebook or myspace, or whatever. but of course this is a more literary, more serious space for discussion. there’s no jams blaring at ya, not like at for instance.

this’ll be short, aforementioned photos of europe will be appearing, as soon as i shrink them down from their immense gigabyte-ry. also, kelli says ‘hi’ and that i should stop wasting time blogging to friends or whatever.
love peace and united feelings of goodness to every won.
(Dear Diary, I went on a road trip to Grand Forks, ND today, and saw the art museum there, as well as the Cabella’s. the art guard was like, “i’ll bet you can’t imagine how much that painting over there is worth, the one that looks like a child did it”, and i was all , “the Basquiat you mean?”, and he went on like he didn’t hear, waiting for the gasp as he says, “$30,000”. Kelli and i smirked to ourselves and nodded to make him feel good. fuckin North Dakota.
the cabellas excursion was because kelli wants us to go camping (though she tells everyone its me that wants to) so we looked at tents and stoves and headlamps).